Connie Deckert started playing golf at 11 years of age and entered her first provincial tournament at 16. She was Runner-up Ontario Junior Champ at 18 and participated in the LPGA Tour at 21. One year later life offered her a different direction. She chose to join her father’s automotive parts company, Motivair Canada Ltd., and became president at 34. Indirectly, golf and business began to merge. During this time, she took a short sojourn from golf and also opened a travel agency with two other partners.

She never lost her passion for the game of golf. After offering a casual lesson to a friend she was encouraged to pursue her dream of teaching and coaching golf full-time. She then decided to sell Motivair Canada Ltd. The rest is herstory!

Connie is a member of the LPGA Teaching & Club Professionals, member of the Canadian Golf Teachers’ Federation, and the Varsity Golf Coach at the University of Guelph. She’s also a professional speaker specializing in the relationship between business and golf.

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