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Business is about building relationships. Relationships require trust. Trust takes time. Few sports offer you the opportunity for undivided attention with clients and colleagues. A game of golf can be a deciding factor to continue business relationships or begin new ones.

Knowledge breeds confidence. Being secure in your golf game and the etiquette required within the business golf environment lessens your anxiety. Business relationships remain the priority. Golf is the facilitator.

Listed below are brief outlines of some of Connie’s popular seminars and presentations. If you don’t see a golf topic that is suitable for your particular event, contact Connie to discuss your exact requirements.

Golf as a Business Tool – An Overlooked ROI

Relationship building in business is crucial. Golf is a great facilitator since it gives you time with clients and colleagues to develop and enhance business connections. Connie Deckert believes that playing the game of golf is much more than just swinging the club and will outline:

  • Host and guest responsibilities
  • The attire, equipment and supplies needed
  • Insights on personal interactions
  • Etiquette do’s and don’ts for both on and off the golf course
  • How to select the most appropriate golf for your particular event
  • Relaxation techniques so you have more fun

Format: presentation, suitable for groups of 10 to 50
Length: 45 minutes

Business Golf and You

Learn the etiquette and basic golf rules needed in the business golf environment. Connie Deckert, LPGA teaching professional and entrepreneur knows what business golf can do for your relationships with customers, colleagues and business associates. Start spending your time interacting with fellow players and develop those important relationships with your newly acquired confidence. From the 1st tee to the 19th hole, Connie will outline:

  • The ins and outs of organizing a golf outing
  • Golf course dress codes
  • Golf clubs
  • Golf course green fees
  • Golf course guidelines
  • Business golf conduct on the course

Format: workshop, suitable for groups of 10 to 50
Length: 90 minutes

Life and Leadership – Lessons Learned on the Golf Course

Life and golf are amazingly similar. In this entertaining presentation Connie Deckert takes the lessons learned from her 35 plus years on the golf course and translates them into successful strategies for business. You will understand the dynamics of working as a team and leading so others will follow. These lessons will help you be more confident, poised and professional:

  • The importance of punctuality
  • The effect of appropriate attire, equipment and supplies
  • The necessity to be prepared for the unexpected
  • The art of easy conversation
  • The power of body language
  • The benefits of teamwork
  • How to listen and lead so others will follow

Format: presentation, suitable for groups of 10 to 50
Length: 45 minutes

Improve Your Golf Game – Practice Without Your Clubs!
This is a great Lunch & Learn topic!

Golf is probably one of the most frustrating games we play. Join Connie Deckert, LPGA teaching professional, as she helps you understand the swing. Golf is a full body sport – our brain and our body need to work together for us to be consistent. Learn about your swing tempo and how important it is. Practice with Connie:

  • Stance and posture
  • Relaxed set-up
  • Head position
  • Back swing
  • Down swing
  • Follow-through

Format: hands-on demonstration, suitable for groups of 5 to 25
Length: 30 minutes

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“Connie Deckert is hilarious! Her animated presentations will keep everyone awake and at full attention.”

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